Dear Friend Series


Dear Friend Series!

Hi friends! I am starting a weekly series called the Dear Friend Series. Thank you Ashlee Profitt for the beautiful idea! This series will include letters written from my perspective, the Christian College Gal. Here are some preview topics to give you a better idea!

  • Dear Dad – 5 ways to encourage your Christian daughter in college
  • Dear Single Lady – 5 ways that Jesus fills your desire to be loved
  • Dear Pastor – 5 ways to help college age women in your church
  • Dear Daughter – 5 ways to start a gospel conversation with your non believing parents

Now that you have a preview, are you so excited? I am!

I’m excited to add some consistency to my blog through this series, and then still be able to post additional blogs on whatever the Holy Spirit calls me to write.

If there is any “person” you want me to write a letter to, comment it below! Thanks!

Love, Joy – Christian College Gal

For other Dear Friend Series posts click here!

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