Why I gave up TV and movies for a month.

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Try to name 10 recent movies that did not have a romance story in the plot. Could you do it? I couldn’t. We are being fed the lie that we need a man to complete us.

During the month of June, I participated in the June Goal Challenge. (Click here to read the post that explains the challenge, “Tired of giving up on goals?”) One of my goals for the month was to not watch romantic comedies. I quickly learned that not only romantic comedies, but most movies and TV shows had a romance plot line. I had to broaden my goal from avoiding just romantic comedies, to practically all movies and TV shows.

I wanted to avoid romantic comedies, because I am learning to be content in the single stage of my life. Those movies did not help me trust God.  With a heart that is trying to trust in God’s perfect plan, watching fake relationships on TV is poison.

These relationships are not real, and are rarely a good representation of Godly relationships or Christ’s love.

When I took a month away from watching most TV shows and movies, I began trusting God more. At the end of the month, I processed the challenge and thought about the peace I gained and the new faith I have in God’s plan. There has been a change in my heart! Some days I catch myself still believing Satan’s lies, but these days are happening less and less. I am learning to trust God that his plans are perfect.

To all the non single people, be careful what “advice” you tell someone. I had someone say, “If you want a boyfriend, go out and look. Maybe you’re not putting yourself out there enough.” This kind of goes off topic, but I just wanted to say please don’t say that to someone. As Godly women, we are trying to learn how to trust in God’s perfect timing and be completely satisfied in Jesus. When you tell someone to just go look for a man, you are furthering the thought that we need a man to complete us.

No man, not even the man you marry, will complete you. Only Jesus can complete us. 

We need to fight against the lie the Devil and the world is trying to feed us that we need a man to complete us. If you are single and struggling finding contentment, stop watching this junk. Stop watching the sex scenes. Stop watching weddings. Stop looking at wedding pins on Pinterest. Step away from the poison, and turn to the one who can fill this void – Jesus.

If you are like me and have a hard time trusting God’s plan for you, I challenge you to join me in the July Goal Challenge and add this to your goals. I gave up watching most TV shows and movies in June, and I plan to do it again in July. You can start now, it is not too late!

For more on goals, here are 10 other things I learned during the June Goal Challenge. (10 Tips for Setting Goals & Sticking to them!)

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10 thoughts on “Why I gave up TV and movies for a month.

  1. This is a great post, Joy! This is something that I should be challenging myself to do. I’ve always loved the fantasies of romantic fiction whether it’s books or movies/t.v. I found myself wanting the fantasy more than I do the reality because men aren’t like book boyfriends lol. And we also have to be careful that this doesn’t turn into lusting in our hearts. Women have problems with that just as men do.

    I’ll be taking up that challenge and as one of the other commenters posted, seek to grow closer to God because there isn’t anyone on this earth who can love us as completely and unconditionally as Jesus does 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment Liv! I’m excited that you are joining the challenge. Let me know how it goes, if you need encouragement, any struggles you run into, and what God teaches you. I know God is going to use this to rid some idols in your heart and draw himself closer to you. Thanks for reading! ❤ Joy


  2. I stopped watching movies and TV shows 4 months ago. I’ve had no desire of watching it since. It’s changed my life. Instead of sitting in the evening watching shows, I started seeking God more and it’s been such a blessing!


  3. I have to say I disagree that the man I married does not complete me. God uses him every day to help me grow closer to His image. He is one of the most godly men I know and when you are in a marriage with Christ at the center, that spouse truly is your other half. I do, however, support your stance on not telling women to put themselves out there. It wasn’t until I was content in being single, where God wanted me at the time, that the Lord put my awesome husband in my life. God even tells us in Genesis to “leave and cleave” when marriage was first established. There is alot to learn about your relationship with Jesus as a single, but a good mate is a huge blessing, especially in ministry.


    • Thanks for your comment Laura! I think the wording makes this tricky. I do believe a husband can complement us, but the word complete makes the difference. I think of it like filling the hole in our heart. Only Jesus can do that, not even our husband. Thank you for sharing your opinion and heart with the blogging world!


  4. Joy, this is so good. Thanks for sharing a way to cut out something unnecessary in our lives to draw us closer to God! I want to say that your wisdom on needing a man who isn’t Jesus to complete you is the absolute truth. Even when and if God does introduce a woman to her husband, the battle doesn’t go away — it changes faces. It’s easy to feel like next, a baby will complete you or make you worthy, or a higher paying job will, or any number of things! Since Satan uses the same tactics at any point in our lives, it’s good to learn to fight him the right way today! 🙂


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