Dance Moms Controversy – Christy Hunt and Jesus


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On Tuesday night, the premiere of the new season of the reality TV show Dance Moms aired. The show started quickly, with two grown women physically fighting in Abby’s studio. The result was a bruised head, ripped clothing, and weave falling to the floor. Christy Hunt, mom of Sarah, was one of the women in the brawl. She claims to be a Christian, but her actions may speak differently.

I started watching this show because I grew up in Pittsburgh, where Abby’s studio is located. When Brooke was in middle school, I met her through a family friend, and then became an avid watcher. What can I say, I have to root for the the home team. Last Summer, I even ran into some of the other stars from Dance Moms in my town!


I thought I had seen it all on Dance Moms. I have seen extreme name calling, swearing, adults making kids cry, and hair pulling fights, but I had never heard someone claim to follow Jesus and then hit a women in the face.

In case you did not see the show, here are some quotes:

Christi Lukasiak, Chloe’s mom, starts referring to Christy Hunt, Sarah’s mom, as “Christ-tee” because of her “religious beliefs”. “She is like a Bible-thumping, fire and brimstone, Old Testament style dance mom,” Lukasiak said. Hunt replied by saying, “I don’t care that they call me Christ-tee,” she said. “I am very proud of my religion. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am proud to have Christ in my name. So guess what? They can call me whatever they want.”

If Hunt would have said that and then shown Christ’s love though her actions, I would have been thrilled. I would have been excited that Jesus was being talked about in reality TV. But those words did not match up with her actions. She ended up acting just like all the other moms. Instead of being Christ-like, we saw these actions from her:



Screaming, “Bite me.”

Starting a fight with another grown woman.

Throwing things at people’s faces.

Starting problems.

Spreading gossip.

Blaming others.

None of the above represents Jesus. Only God knows if she has accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, but her actions show that she is not living for Christ.

Everyone sins. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. I’m not writing this to point a finger at Christy Hunt and say she’s a bad person, because that is not my place to judge. I just want to stand up for Jesus, and say he is nothing like what we saw in that episode!

I would also like to give Christy the benefit of the doubt and talk about editing. We all know that reality TV is not always real and accurate. None of us knows what really happened that day, maybe Lifetime purposefully portrayed her in negative light to give the show more drama. Either way, Jesus is the one who suffers.

Dear all viewers of Dance Moms,

I’m sorry that people who proclaim to be Christians act just like those who proclaim not to be Christians. The love of Jesus is so powerful that it should change our actions. We need to love others better. We need to stop starting drama. We need to stop gossiping. Our actions need to represent our words.

Dance Moms and Lifetime can make the show as dramatic as they want, but when Jesus gets negatively pulled in someone has to take a stand.

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12 thoughts on “Dance Moms Controversy – Christy Hunt and Jesus

  1. I feel like if Christy Hunt were a true Christian she wouldn’t even be on the show. Most true Christians don’t believe in dance( or believ it’s from something other than the lord). But also she would most definitely not let her daughter parade on television with very minimal clothing on. Most Christians dress with modesty covering their legs, midriff, chest and shoulders. I’m not saying the show is bad because all this little girls are minimally dressed. I love this show. However none of the other parents are trying to portray themselves as Christians.


  2. Yes, there is editing, but they can’t edit in what you never did. If Christy had behaved properly, there wouldn’t be any demeaning footage for them to use or edit.


  3. Thank you for writing this, Joy! I love dance and Dance Moms. I think it is super cool that you got to meet some of them! 🙂

    But I completely agree with everything you said. When I first heard something Christy said involving Christianity – I was deeply angered because of her delivery. The way she presents herself, never mind the Christian name…is shocking and quite rude. Giving her the benefit of the doubt.


  4. She’s like the Anti-Duggar and more representative of the Evangelicals I’ve known in this area than the Duggars ever were. She is the sum of all those nasty ladies that drove me from my last church. Sad, off-putting and definitely not part of the Jesus I know.


  5. The only woman I have always admired on this show is Holly. Christi may go over the top, but I can’t fault her for defending her daughter. The blatant hatred Abby has (and shows to) Chloe is unnecessary and soul-damaging.


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