8 Symptoms of Habitual Sins

Habitual Sins Devotional

Have you ever felt so controlled by a behavior that you felt enslaved to it? You may be experiencing the results of habitual sins.

Habitual sins are destructive. These are sins that feel addictive, controlling, and always present. Most of the time the sin remains in the dark and consequently the person experiences tremendous shame and guilt. Sometimes the sin even begins to define a person and becomes the main issue in their life.
Habitual sins destroy you emotionally and spiritually. Here are a few examples: over eating, lust, alcohol and drug abuse, fits of rage, dependency on a person, constant gossiping, pre-marital sex, watching porn, and masturbation. Regardless of the form of sin, there are many common characteristics one experiences when struggling with it.

Most of the time you experience these symptoms without even realizing they are happening to you. Slowly over time, as you fall deeper and deeper into the addiction, you may start to realize that you do have the symptoms below. Take the time now to check and see if you have these symptoms. Pray that God would work in your heart and free you from these strongholds.

Habitual sins can cause you to experience:

  1. Depression. You wake up feeling depressed because you messed up again the night before. You wonder, ‘when will I get over this?’
  2. Negative body image. You look in the mirror and negative thoughts about yourself begin to enter your mind. You think, ‘How could I do this again?’
  3. Bad moods. For the rest of the day, you begin to think you’ll never be good enough. You start to believe that you’ll never be a good spouse, Christian, or_____ (fill in the blank). You believe the lie that you’ll never be pretty enough.
  4. Failure. You want to give up pursuing Jesus because you feel guilty about the sin. You stop going to church, stop spending time reading your Bible, and thus you feel like a failure.
  5. Separation. The lack of time you spend with God begins to make you feel far from him.
  6. Unworthiness. You begin to feel unworthy of God’s love. You question, ‘how could God love a sinner like me?’
  7. Shame. You keep your issues to yourself and don’t share them with others. You do this because you worry what others will say, but keeping this secret inside of you leads you to the feeling of shame.
  8. Addiction. The issue is always on your mind and you feel helpless in battling it.

Habitual sins put a wall up between you and our perfect God. Some days, you only see the wall and it is hard to remember that God is on the other side. Remember, He hasn’t moved. God will never move away from us, only we can move away from him. Right now, something may seem different, and God may feel far away. You think you can’t see him. There is a wall, and it is SO tall. The wall is so tall that it looks impossible to get over. You begin to question, ‘how will I ever remove this sin?’

Friends, it is possible! God can remove the sin if you are so deep that you have all 8 of the symptoms above, or God can remove it if you only have 1. God has the power to heal you, redeem you, free you, and save you.

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3 thoughts on “8 Symptoms of Habitual Sins

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  2. I just started bawling reading your post, I’m struggling with pornopraghy & everything you have said is exactly what has been happening to me a lot lately. I feel so guilty & not myself after watching it, I hate disappointing God. Just writing this is just tearing me up. Please pray for me. I would honestly appericate it more than anything. God bless!


    • You are not alone. This blog post was inspired from a past of struggling with porn too. Have you head of http://www.xxxchurch.com/? They have online support groups, accountability, and so many great blog posts. I just started freelance writing for them. I love their passion and mission statement. Also, feel free to e-mail me. (joypedrow@gmail.com) I don’t want you to feel alone or shameful while going through this. God is bigger that this issue, but I know how hard it is to see that amidst the struggle.


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